Graphic Designer

Raluca Krauss


resilient in work



Lizenziat in Kommunikation und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Fachbereich Kommunikationswissenschaften 

Qualification profile

Professional profile

• Organization and structuring of the department
• Independent project development with targeted implementation for the free market
• Participation in personnel decisions
• Team management, allocation of tasks, further development and building of the team
• Awarding of contracts to external employees and companies as well as checking and controlling the contracts
• Collaboration and coordination with external employees and companies

Project development | Specialization

• Project introduction and presentation
• Development, planning, concept and implementation of corporate identity
• Development, planning, implementation of concepts in the field of classic advertising
• New conception of journals/magazines
• Years of experience in the field of graphic and web design
• Quality control


• Strength in creativity, conception and implementation
• High level of commitment
• Strong decision-making skills
• Strong sense of responsibility
• Goal-oriented, structured action
• Reliable and honest

Corporate identity


Graphic design